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 Annual Programme of work-shops, courses and activities 2021

Art With Angela - Monday Afternoon work shop - FULL











Nordic Pole Walking For Adults


Nordic Pole walkers

annual renewal


Experienced Walkers

 Annual Registration

for nordic pole walkers that have trained elsewhere


Annual Registration is £14

(Registration is none refundable)

Once you have registered you can book on any of the walks dates as often as you wish


Mini Induction

every Sunday at 10am


book where (mi) is next to a date

Includes:  Pole hire, annual registration, warm up, Instruction, nature walk approx 3-4 miles /60 -90 mins,  a follow-up walk including pole hire at a later date 

This is a great way to recover and improve your


Nordic Pole Walking (NPW) is quite unique in that it provides benefits for everybody from those with medical problems to the super fit. Whatever age, fitness level or goal, - Nordic Pole Walking is suitable, effective and enjoyable. 

It can tone up both the upper and lower part of the body and can burn up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking

It can reduce the pressure on knees and joints

Great for the Heart and Lungs and ideal for neck, shoulder and back problems

Poles prople the walker along, making it easier to move faster than normal without feeling the effort.

Other Benefits

 No need to wear special exercise clothing

 Itís very sociable; participants can chat as they go!

 It is easy to learn and to keep up.

It combines exercise with the nature which has been proven to boost mood.




Follow up walks - to keep the momentum flowing once your induction is complete we recommend that you book your follow up walk dates straight away.

Health and Safety - You will accept full responsibility for the management of your own health

Weekly Guides Walks £4/person (only available to those that have registered and done the Induction sessions or have previous training and experience)

Poles Hire - Poles will be available for hire £3/session

(If you don't have poles hiring is a good idea until you decide which ones to get).

Clothing - This is an all weather activity. Please wear suitable clothing and sturdy footwear

Guided walks last approx 60 - 90 mins 2 - 4 miles depending upon individual fitness. There will be no pressure. Everyone will walk at their own pace.

Instruction/Training is provided by qualified instructors (included in the weekly walk cost).

All walks and training days must be booked online.

There will be 9 walker places per session

We plan to run 2-3 walks per week depending upon take-up. Please let us know if you were unable to book a walk because it was full.

Mask are optional when mingling. Please respect each others personal social distancing preferences.

Refreshments: If you would like to prolong your stay at Naturezones you can also pre-book refreshments when you arrive.

This project has been supported by the National Lottery Community Fund and Sovereign Housing and Hampshire Playing Fields Fund




These dates are for Registered

 walkers that have completed the


 or  have prior experience.

or are completing a mini induction

 Tues & Thur £4/session

Sunday £5.50

Pole hire £3.00

Each date can take up to 9 walkers

Bookings accepted up to 11.00pm

 night before.

Walks are normally 2-4miles

Note (+mi) is Sunday mini induction - prior to

 regular walk session

10.30 -12ish


Thur 21st

Sun 24th (+mi)

Tue 26th

Thurs 28th

Sun 31st

10.30 - 12 ish


Tue 2nd

Sun 7th (+mi)

Tue 9th

Sun 14th (+mi)

Tue 16th

Sun 21st (+mi)

Tue 23rd

Sun 28th (+mi)

Tue 30th

10.30 - 12ish


Sun 4th (+mi)

Tue 6th

Sun 11th (+mi)

Tue 13th

Sun 18th (+mi)

Tue 20th

Sun 25th (+mi)

Tue 27th

10.30 - 12ish


Sun 2nd (+mi)

Tue 4th (+mi)

Sun 9th (+mi)

Tue 11th

Sun 16th (+mi)

Tue 18th

Sun 23rd (+mi)

Tue 25th

Sun 30th (+mi)





We are an all weather activity - please wear appropriate clothes, especially shoes.

Health and Safety

You are expected to be responsible for your own health. Please make sure you have with you any prescribed medication and advise instructor of any changes to your health.


Bookings are non refundable/transferable

Please be aware that once you have booked a space someone else is prevented from booking. Our system does not allow for freeing up of dates.

We can only refund  if a person contracts covid or other infectious disease (please do not rebook for at least 10 days)

If Naturezones has to cancel a walk due to horrendous  weather  i.e snow, hurricane or an Instructor becomes unavailable.


If only one person is booked on a walk (health and safety) If this is the case we will reschedule your booking at no cost to you)


Art with Angela Monday 1pm - 3pm  FULLY BOOKED

£50 for 6 weeks (roll over) Materials provided

Learn drawing skills, have fun trying out a range of techniques - lino cutting, fabric dying, watercolours and more

Contact Angela via email if you would like to join in



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