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Volunteers are Very Welcome

New Volunteers  -  Sunday 6th February  at 11.30 am

We are currently looking for help in conservation from Volunteers who are fit and healthy and can work without care support on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday 10.30 - 3.30

We would prefer applicants to have previously shown an interest in Naturezones i.e visited Naturezones

Please Apply

Nature Conservation for Volunteer Post:This is a hands on programme. Participants will learn a range of conservation skills while looking after a small nature reserve. Activities will include, hay making, coppicing, horticulture, fence building, habitat creation  DIY in fact anything required to keep the reserve in good working order.  You will need sturdy shoes. We expect a commitment of at least 3-4  hours/week





Naturezones is unique and the only one of its kind on the Isle of Wight.  It is a living natural history museum. Its main aim it to explain through education why it is so important to look after, protect and enhance the habitats of wildlife. Our education programmes are for all a wide variety of people and communities including school children, home educated children, college students and adult learners. We also support people with learning difficulties and mental health issues with the aim of restoring their confidence, health and wellbeing.

We very much welcome and appreciate volunteers that can help us manage the nature reserve to further our aims and objectives.




Currently our conservation volunteers days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 10.00 am - 3.00pm (5 hrs) Tea break a 11.30am and lunch break at 1.15pm


We provide tea and biscuits and sometimes cake. Bring a sandwich or similar for lunch



This is a hands on physical programme. While helping to manage the 10 acre nature reserve volunteers will learn a range of conservation skills. Activities will include, hay making, coppicing, horticulture, fence building, habitat creation , DIY, in fact anything required to keep the reserve in good working order. You may be asked to help on special event days. You will need sturdy shoes. And old clothes. We expect a commitment of at least 3 hours per week.

To take part please complete the application form. The contact person at the reserve is Angela Hewitt. Tel: 01983 296110.  email:

Address: c/o Padmore Lodge, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes, PO32 6LP


volunteer application.pdf

 POST APPLYING FOR - please underline

a) Conservation Volunteer                      

Full Name: First name:                                            Surname



Tel no:

Mobile No:

Date of Birth:
1) If you have conservation experience please specify i.e volunteering with another conservation organisation, worked with a conservation organisation, education in conservation


2) What other experience/qualifications do you have that may benefit Naturezones aims and objectives


3) How many hours are you able to volunteer for (please refer to introduction)  
4) Which day do you want to volunteer  

5) Do you intend to volunteer short term or indefinitely (If short term for how many weeks)

5) Do you have any medical conditions that we need to know about (it is important we know this for health and safety reasons)

Please give details


6) What do you hope to gain from being a volunteer

Socialising,        Conservation training            Satisfaction in supporting the project        

Work Experience                                          Better Health - being outside in the fresh air

Getting Fit                                                 OTHER..                      


Your information will be confidential and kept on our data base for just one month or until you cease to be a volunteer. After which it will be deleted.



If you have a CV and would like to submit it as part of your application, please send it with this form.




VOLUNTEER CONTRACT  for successful applicants


The projects land is controlled by the benefactor and as a nature reserve it has restrictions on accessibility. It will be open to the public on specified days only. On all other days it is closed to the public. And reverts to private property and is used for the benefit of organised groups, volunteers day and school visits. Volunteers may be asked to contribute their time on open and specified non-open days.

The project fully supports and recognises the important contribution of  its volunteers to the projects aims. We offer a contract to outline the projects responsibilities to you as an unpaid worker and your responsibilities to the project and the people who use it.



The Project will:


Offer support from all of the full time staff.

Respect you as an equal member of the staff team but not expect you to take on the responsibilities of a full-time worker. You will be invited to attend and contribute to some staff meetings where relevant.

Nominate a supervisor from the staff team who will have responsibility for organising volunteers contribution to the project. Your supervisor will be your first point of contact for any queries, questions or complaints. Your supervisor will also be responsible for following up any issues raised and liaison with other staff members.

Offer access to training and keep you informed of any training opportunities that arise. Wherever possible the project will meet the costs of the training.

Provide employers liability insurance.


As a volunteer you will:-


Work within the Aims and Objectives of the project.

Be able to recognise and fulfil your commitments to the project and the young people who use it. This will include attending agreed sessions and to let project leader know when you are unable to do so.

Be responsible not only to the project as a whole but also to the people of all age groups who use it.

Adhere to the policy of confidentiality within the staff team and in all your work with young people. This will be discussed in more detail during your initial supervision session.

Prepare for and attend agreed supervision/training sessions and be willing to discuss practice issues and raise any items of concern.

Undertake training where it is deemed to be relevant and appropriate by both yourself and the project leader.

Volunteers will work for an initial three month period to give both the project and the volunteer the opportunity to see if they wish to progress with the work.



Volunteer Signature                                                                                  Administrator (Naturezones) Signature

Date                                                                                                          Date



save the bees - save the world !!


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