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Young Directors Scheme
A new scheme for young people aged 16-24 is being launched by Naturezones Wildlife Education Trust and conceived by trustee Angela Hewitt.
The aim of the scheme is to introduce young people to the internal workings of a charity. The responsibilities of being a trustee, governance, career opportunities in Charity work, how to get involved and help to improve their CV. Participants will be expected to give 12 hours of their time to attend a 2 hour conference followed by hands on help for a charity or a fund raising activity.
The scheme is being funded by the Heritage Lottery as part of the organisations Transitional Fund.
Project manager Angela Hewitt said “We recognised that most volunteers are mature retired or semi retired people who bring a wealth of experience to charitable organisations, but it is also important that we engage young people and encourage them to consider charity work as one of their pastimes. We have to consider the future posterity of charitable support”
Angela Hewitt saes " We are delighted that the Young Director Scheme has been adopted by UKSA as part of their NCS (National Citizenship Scheme) We hope that this scheme will be adopted nationally by the NCS

We are delighted to announce that we will be working in partnership with UKSA (UK Sailing Academy) to deliver this project.

Young Directors Application Form.

YDapplication form.pdf


More information YDtrifoldBothsides.pdf

How to get involved

All charities and not-for-profits are welcome to use this scheme. Instructions are below.

copyright: The workbook and the concept belong to Naturezones Wildlife Education Trust. If you wish to use the workbook please contact us to obtain written permission. There is no charge.

A donation would be welcome

Charitable Organisations

1) Decide who in your organisation will support the Young Director

2) When they contact you arrange a meeting with them to discuss their activity with you. They need to do a minimum of 10 hours over no less than 5 weeks or run a fund raising activity for you.

3) They will have completed an application form which you should keep for your records.

4) When the participant/s  have achieved their goal sign the back of their work book and forward it to

We will send them a certificate of completion


Participants aged 16 - 24 yrs

1) Complete the application form (PDF above)

2) Contact the charity that you want to support

( A list of charities involved in the scheme is below)

3) Tell them that you are doing the Young Directors scheme and that you would like to either

a) Help them using your skills or at anything they else that they may need help with.

b) do some fundraising for them (they may be able to help with supporting promotional materials such as logo etc)

4) They will invite you to visit them to discuss options. Take  your application form with you.

5) Download the "Notes and Work book". Read through it and complete the tasks.

When you have completed your task with the charity of your choice ask them to sign your completed work book at the back. You can email it to the person

supporting you and they can sign it on line. Once signed the organisation will email it to Naturezones.

6) you will then be issued a project Completion certificate


Breakout Youth

Contact name: Michael Salmon

Phone:02380 224224

What do you do?

Breakout facilitates four youth groups at different locations for members to meet with other LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bi sexual, transgender and questioning) young people.

Our groups are aimed at offering a safe and confidential space for young LGBTQ people to socialize, learn and have fun. We offer activity based and educational sessions and we encourage young people to join in to help build their confidence. One to one support is available within the group and we can enable young people to access other services they require through signposting and referrals. We can support members with telling people about their gender or sexual orientation and/or gender identity, plus helping them to find ways to cope with challenges in their lives and support them to stay safe in their relationships and community.

Support needed: Fund Raising, front of house


Age Concern

 50+ Shanklin

Contact name: Heather Whitchurch

Phone: 01983 866126


What do you do? Age Concern is a day centre offering the over 50’s a social place to meet, have lunch, chair aerobics, help with shopping, play games or bingo. Trips out in our mini-bus on the Island or the mainland.

Support Needed: Social media and Fund raising


Naturezones Wildlife Education Trust

Contact name: Angela Hewitt

Phone: 01983 296110



What do you do: We educate people in the importance of caring for nature, conservation, creating wildlife habitats and working with schools, people with learning difficulties, and health issues

Support needed: Fund raising, conservation work

Bodster Equine Assisted Learning C.I.C.

Contact name: Mr Giles and Mrs Jo Boddington ( either)

Phone: 01983 854858 or 07887876138



What do you do? Bodster Equine Assisted Learning C.I.C.’s social purpose is to enable anyone aged form 6 yrs to 90 yrs of age, including those who are vulnerable, at risk and disadvantaged to interact with our ponies on the ground in a safe calm atmosphere where they can reflect, meet other people and feel less isolated and develop self-belief and self-confidence and improve their well-being. Work includes leading ponies safely, completing team building exercises, developing speaking and listening, numeracy and literacy skills through work with the ponies, learning how to have a horse follow you in a round pen because it wants to be with you and developing an understanding of Natural Horsemanship. Our programmes are individualized to each learner’s specific needs.

Support needed:Fund raising, help at events, environment, gardening


Girlguiding Isle of Wight

Contact name: Lesley Clifford

Phone: 01983 403990



What do you do? The Leading UK Charity for girls & Young women.

Girls develop the skills & confidence they need to reach their potential.

Support needed: Fund raising, help at events

We can offer opportunities to Volunteer within units to work with girls & develop leadership skills


Island 2000 Trust

Contact name: Graham Biss

Phone: 01983 201569



What do you do? Environmental and economic development charity

Support needed: Fund raising, help at events, conservation/environment, specific office based help


Learning Links

Contact name: Louise Woods

Phone: 01983 527529



What do you do? We support vulnerable people who may be isolated, afraid or under financial strain.

Support needed: Social media, fund raising



Contact name: Caroline Wood

Phone: 01983 523632



What do you do? Raise money to help improve the lives of those living in poverty. Disaster relief, women’s rights, and provide funding and education for children and women and help people set up businesses in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Support needed: Fund raising, help at events, various




Charity number 1075845

Contact name: Catalina Taban

Phone: 01983 752 574


What do you do? We are a small community for adults with learning disabilities. Together with our residents we run a Bed and Breakfast in Seahorses. The B&B provides meaningful work for our residents and helps them develop their social and practical skills.

Support needed: Help at events, art and design


West Wight Sports & Community Centre

Contact name: Michelle Moon or Clare Griffin

Phone: 01983 752168



What do you do? West Wight Sports & Community Centre is a community hub, providing a range of facilities & services focusing on health, fitness, personal growth and development. We help to make people feel better about themselves - fitter, healthier more confident and well rounded.

Support needed: Fund raising, help at events


Wight Nature Fund

Contact name: Maggie Nelmes

Phone: 852274



What do you do? We manage five nature reserves across the Isle of Wight: at Alverstone, Lake, St Lawrence and Yarmouth, comprising a variety of wildlife habitats, including wetlands, woodlands and wildflower meadows. Wight Nature Fund was set up by members of Friends of the Earth in 1990 to save important wildlife habitats from development and neglect. It is run entirely by volunteers, with some professional help and advice. We especially need more volunteers for outdoor work in our reserves, such as path clearance, hedge cutting and repair work to our steps, boardwalks and hides.

Support needed: Fund raising, environment and conservation work


Alzheimer Café IW

Contact name: Anna Roberts

Phone: 01983 220200



What do you do? Run dementia cafés for anybody connected with or having an interest in dementia. Dementia

Cafés give information, signposting and allow socialisation for people with dementia and those caring for people with dementia.

Support Needed: Social media




save the bees - save the world !!


Quote by Alanis Obomsawin - When the last tree Is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you can not eat money