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Book a Visit



Naturezones School Visit Booking Form - below this form are a list of Key Stage activities

Please complete one booking form per class/group (max 30 pupils) Please photo-copy this form as necessary.

When booking you agree your group will abide by our behaviour code whilst visiting the centre. Adults accompanying your group are aware of the code and that children are well supervised throughout their visit. You also agree to complete our evaluation form.

 You may wish to discuss you visit or pay a visit to NZ before making your booking. Please call our project manager, Angela 01983 296110.

 School name:_______________________________________

School address:__________________________________________________




 Tel no. (+ STD code):______________________ Fax no.:_______________

 Email address:__________________________________________

Lead Teacher:________________________________

 Date of visit: Op1______________Op2            _______________Op3____________

Time of arrival: _________________        Time of departure:________________

 Number of: Adults:_________   Pupils:_______   Pupil age range:___________

We have a range of Natural History lessons with pre and post lesson plans




Please give details of any special needs:_______________________________



Signed:____________________________________ Date:________________

 Once you have signed and returned the form please be aware that this is a firm booking.

Please return this form to: Naturezones Wildlife Education Trust, c/o Padmore Lodge, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO32 6LP. or Fax to 01983 296110



The Booking Form—once signed and returned is a confirmed booking.

Cancellations—can only be accepted 2 weeks prior to visit. Later than this means we have to pay a cancellation fee to the instructor/s

Health and Safety—A safety talk is given to all group member upon arrival. We have a risk assessment which can be made available to schools for the visit and the activities used. We have a trained first aid person on the site however, we would prefer it if you, the client, appoint one of your group as medical first aid officer (who is aware of any health issues of the participants) on the visit.

Insurance— We hold Public Liability insurance for all visitors to Naturezones at all times.

Discipline—Teachers and adult supervisors remain responsible for discipline at all times and should ensure that their pupils are adequately supervised and agree to act as Loco Parents’ at all times.

Toilets and hand washing—We have a toilet block by the barn. Hand washing facilities are available which all children MUST use before eating food.

Lunch—can be eaten in the Pavilion on wet days and in the meadows during sunny days.

Clothing—Please ensure children are appropriately dressed. Boots and wet weather cloths or sun hats and sun cream on sunny days.

Payment—for some visits must be received in full on booking.

Our obligation to the booking—Naturezones shall not be liable for any delay in performing or failing to perform any obligation or alterations and cancellations due to any cause beyond its control.

Changes to programme—material changes may be necessary due to prevailing weather conditions, operational conditions and other matters beyond the control of Naturezones. We will contact the client as soon as possible to inform of these changes.

Seasonal alterations—Some of the activities may benefit from seasonal alterations and these changes may be incorporated into the programme at the last minute.

Arrival—Coaches and school busses must drop children off at the bus stop on the Blackwater road where you will be met and walked to Naturezones along the cycle path. There are no parking facilities for coaches and we recommend that buses drop off the children and if necessary park in the car-park on Coppins Bridge roundabout. We are able to accommodate mini busses and up to 8 cars including disabled vehicles.

Resources—All resources are provided by Naturezones

Devised September 2009


KS1 and KS2 Activities (level of learning is increased to correspond with children's ability)

List of Topics (when you have chosen your topic we will send you pre and post lesson plans)

New for 2019 - Wild Art. - An excellent art session inspired by nature

Hug a Tree - is it a forest, is it a copse, is it a wood?

Animal Magic - Discovering British wildlife

Habitats for All - where do they live?

Meadow Magic (late May, June. July only) What does a Botanist do?

Mini Beast Feast - relax we aren't going to eat them

Pond Dipping - into the underworld

Winter Survival (Sept, Oct, Nov only) - How does our wildlife get through the Winter!



save the bees - save the world !!


Quote by Alanis Obomsawin - When the last tree Is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you can not eat money